Electronic Records and E-Recs Related Pop-Ups at SAA!

For anyone who would like to see some electronic records pop-up sessions at SAA this year, voting is currently open. Each member can vote for up to five sessions. The ERS Steering Committee has reviewed the list of proposed sessions, and we think that these pop-up sessions address issues of importance to ERS members (and anyone interested in electronic records). Although this is not a formal endorsement, we would like to spotlight these eight proposals:

  1. Archival Records in the Age of Big Data (Richard Marciano and Bill Underwood)
  2. Archives and Digital Inequality (Myles Crowley, Samantha Winn, and Katharina Hering)
  3. Audiovisual Digital Preservation and Access: The Archive of Public Broadcasting (Karen Mariani)
  4. Developing Descriptive Metadata Best Practices for Archived Websites (Jackie Dooley, Allison Jai O’Dell, and Penny Baker)
  5. Fancy Awesome EAD Exports from ArchivesSpace (Mark Custer and Melissa Wisner)
  6. Improving Finding Aid Visibility: What Are Y’all Doing? (Amelia W. Holmes and Eileen Heeran Dewitya)
  7. Practical Options for Incoming Digital Content (Jody DeRidder and Alissa Helms)
  8. The Bits in the Field: A Survey of Digital Forensics Work (Melanie Wisner)

Voting closes Monday, June 20th, so if you haven’t voted there is still time! Vote here.


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