One thought on “IMG_1093 of WHAT?!

  1. Kate Bowers June 20, 2017 / 11:31 am

    Well done! I am impressed that you did so much of this on your own.

    This is a very familiar story, if you don’t mind my sharing my own:

    Before our digital preservation repository was established in 2000, we had still image digitization (outsourced within the University). The imaging services people sent copies to the Archives on CD. Shortly after Harvard established a digital repository service (DRS), I hired a wonderful Simmons archives student to go through all the CDs–hundreds of images if not thousands. She would attempt to identify the images. If identified, she would describe them online and associate the file names with the descriptive record IDs, then we had them deposited to the digital preservation repository and (holysystem interoperation, Batman!) delivery images were auto-linked to the descriptions.

    Anything we couldn’t identify got dumped–with one exception. There was only one image that I had deposited and described as “unidentified” because it was so striking I’d know it when I saw it and because it was an architectural drawing I knew it was a pain to transport and because it was cyanotype I knew it should see as little light as possible. It took 14 or 15 years, but I finally came across the image, in person, when looking through Corporation records, where, a bit unexpectedly, were the architectural drawings for Widener Library.



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