Call for Contributions: Embedded Series

The term embedded can mean a lot of things in the digital archives world: an archivist embedded in an architecture firm, metadata embedded into a digital image, archival work embedded into the record creation workflow. We want to hear what the word embedded means to you and your work, how it guides your processes and workflows, or how it presents challenges in your work with electronic records.

A few potential topics and themes for posts:

  • Archivists embedded in a non-archival unit
  • Embedded metadata stories of success or failure
  • Embedding archival work in external workflows
  • Non-archivists embedded in archival units


Writing for bloggERS! Embedded Series

  • We encourage visual representations: Posts can include or largely consist of comics, flowcharts, a series of memes, etc!
  • Written content should be 600-800 words in length
  • Write posts for a wide audience: anyone who stewards, studies, or has an interest in digital archives and electronic records, both within and beyond SAA
  • Align with other editorial guidelines as outlined in the bloggERS! guidelines for writers.

Posts for this series will start in March, so let us know if you are interested in contributing by sending an email to!

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