Meet the 2018 Candidates: Susan Malsbury

The 2018 elections for Electronic Records Section leadership are upon us! To support your getting to know the candidates, we will be presenting additional information provided by the 2018 nominees for ERS leadership positions. For more information about the slate of candidates, you can check out the full 2018 ERS elections site. ERS Members: be sure to vote! Polls are open through July 17!

Candidate name: Susan Malsbury

Running for: Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect

What made you want to become an archivist?

When I was initially applying to library schools, I wanted to be sure that I was choosing the right career path. To that end, I volunteered at the Portland Public Library and the Maine Historical Society, both in Portland, Maine. While I enjoyed my time at the public library, I immediately fell in love with the archival work at the historical society. My project there was helping an archivist process the Portland Press Herald glass plate negative collection and scan select negatives for inclusion in the Maine Memory Network. It was magic seeing all these early-20th century images unwrapped from their cracked, yellowed envelopes and reintroduced to the world after so many years via description and scanning. It was extremely fulfilling to help preserve the negatives for future researchers. I returned to New York City and was fortunate enough to get a job in the Manuscripts and Archives Division at the New York Public Library. I was able to supplement my graduate work with hands-on experience processing some truly incredible collections such as the 1939/1940 New York World’s Fair papers and the Truman Capote papers. While digital archives are a far cry from glass plate negatives, I feel a similar fulfillment knowing that I’m helping ensure the preservation and future accessibility of unique born-digital records.

What is one thing you’d like to see the Electronic Records Section accomplish during your time on the steering committee?

There are a lot of exciting initiatives, programs, and ad hoc groups developing in the digital archives and digital preservation communities. I would love for ERS to build on its mandate to be the locus of expertise for SAA by serving as a platform for these projects to reach SAA’s general membership. Additionally, I’d like to work to expand participation as an ever-greater number of archivists are working with born-digital material (even if “digital” isn’t in their job title).

What cartoon character do you model yourself after?

As a child of the ‘90s I’ve always strongly identified with Lisa Simpson.

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