2 thoughts on “BASH How-To: Extract EXIF Metadata and Output to a Text File

  1. Andrea Page September 4, 2018 / 5:40 pm

    Another big fan of ExifTool here. I couldn’t get your posted email address to work, Sandy, but I’d be curious to know more detail about what the overall execution of the intended product looks like. If I’m reading this correctly, there may be a way to execute the majority of this through ExifTool itself in a single command – though if I’m missing some key desired features, I may be barking up the wrong tree. Would be interested to compare notes!


  2. Sandy Lynn Ortiz September 18, 2018 / 1:04 pm

    Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for your reply! I chose to create a BASH script that would allow an Archivist to mix and match commands and outputs to some desired, customized end, across a collection of extracted files. In this case, the EXIFtool was presented with the prototype script for the blog post. In fact, for many commands, you can create output to files with available options or use STDOUT. This is my effort to simplify and standardize a process, so one does not need to delve into command options, and eye-crossing examinations of man pages. My thoughts were that technical provenance might be better established if one script were used, and commands and outputs customized within that. I suspect there may be others who have accomplished this task in a much more elegant, robust fashion. Since I am new to this, I welcome a discussion on available tools, existing scripts and repositories that might assist this work.

    I have advanced further on the project, and you can find the work on my github page as hyperlinked in the bio above. There is support for handling duplicate file names now, and incrementing output files for duplicate file names. In addition, the executed commands have changed. I am currently working on integrating a status indicator, so when executing over large-multi-terabyte collections, one can view progress on a basic level in the terminal.

    Thank you for the heads up with the yahoo email address. I did get errors when trying to use the disposable address. It should be fixed now. I re-saved the profile for the email address, and sent several test emails successfully this morning. I try to outsmart the web crawlers and spam-bots by presenting email or urls in an alternate format. I guess there was a hiccup…apologies for the inconvenience! Feel free to email me any time to further the discussion!


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