Call for Contributions: Another Kind of Glacier

Effective stewardship of digital archival materials and records requires that archivists and digital preservation professionals make decisions that are rooted in sustainability. As Ben Goldman observes in his 2018 essay, we find evidence in all aspects of our work of the classic definition of sustainability: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future.” It is therefore unsurprising, given growing concern about the impact of human activity on our climate and environment, that archivists are rallying around calls to evaluate the environmental sustainability of our work. The changing conditions related to climate change are in direct conflict with our ability to act as stewards of the collections in our care.

This series hopes to highlight current efforts in this area, acknowledge the challenges, and provide opportunities to learn from our peers. Maybe you work for an institution that has already taken steps, whether large or small, to address the environmental impact of digital preservation. Maybe you have encountered obstacles or resistance in the face of such changes. Maybe you have formed partnerships or developed resources to help advocate and support changes in relation to the sustainability of digital preservation. Whatever the case, we want to hear about it!

Writing for bloggERS! “Another Kind of Glacier” Series

  • We encourage visual representations: Posts can include or largely consist of comics, flowcharts, a series of memes, etc!
  • Written content should be roughly 600-800 words in length
  • Write posts for a wide audience: anyone who stewards, studies, or has an interest in digital archives and electronic records, both within and beyond SAA
  • Align with other editorial guidelines as outlined in the bloggERS! guidelines for writers.

Please let us know if you are interested in contributing by sending an email to

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