Blog Series and Categories

In addition to stand-alone posts and news from the ERS leadership, bloggERS! publishes series that investigate specific topics in electronic records and digital archives.

Blog Series:

Archiving Digital Communication Series

Born-Digital Access Series

Collaborating Beyond the Archival Profession Series

Conversations Series

#digitalarchivesfail: A Celebration of Failure Series

Digital Archives Pathways Series

Digital Processing Series

Embedded Series

International Perspectives on Digital Preservation Series

Making Tech Skills a Strategic Priority Series

OSS4Pres 2.0 Workshop at iPRES 2016 Series

Script It! Series

Software Preservation Network 2016 Forum Series

You can also explore our blog by category:

Case Study: an in-depth look at a practice, project, workflow, institution, etc.

Dialogue: a post or series of posts written in response to an external publication, such as a journal issue.

Getting to Know You: a spotlight on an archivist that combines images and text.

How-To: step-by-step instructions for a project, tip, or tool.

Issue of Interest: a single post or series of posts about a particular issue.

Just for Fun: interactive or entertaining explorations of digital archives and electronic records, such as quizzes and matching games.

Q&A: an interview with one or more interviewees.

Roundup: a curated list of interesting links to blog posts, articles, books, projects, and other resources, with contextualizing editorial information.

Survey: an invitation to readers to participate in a poll with one or more questions, often showing averaged responses.

Tool and Technique: a post that highlights tools or techniques used in the profession, often focusing on practical solutions to common challenges.

Top 10: a countdown list for digital and electronic records archivists, on any theme.

Wish List: a list of wishes, hopes, and dreams that relate to digital and electronic records archiving.

You can also explore content using tags, which are listed at the bottom of the page.

We are always looking for contributors. If you are interested in writing a post, or have an idea for a post someone else could write, please email[at] and review our Guidelines for Writers.